Salobreña EN

Playa Salobreña, Lobres, Caleta-La Guardia, Monte Almendros, Alfamar,  Costa Aguilera, El Pargo

Ayuntamiento de Salobreña
Plaza Juan Carlos I
18680 Salobreña (Granada)

Tel: +34 958 61 00 11
Population of about 12,500 inhabitants called Salobreñeros

Salobreña is a very old city with a long history. The first thing to see is the old Moorish fortress with the small white houses that climb up the mountain. The newer part is located down by the sea with hotels and apartments, as well as a very long sandy beach with interesting diving waters.

With its fertile lands, there have been crops with fruits and vegetables for a long time. Thanks to the fact that the river Rio Guadalfeo has its outflow there, it becomes very fertile.

If you want to visit the old town and the Moorish fortress, with its fantastic views, you should do your best on foot because there are a lot of slopes with narrow streets.

Salobreña has music concerts during July.

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La Caleta is right next door and here is Europe’s last cane sugar factory. A very small village with a nice promenade. Here many camper vans stop for free camping.

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Lobres is located a few km north of Salobreña on the old Granada road, and here is the very old Cueva del Capitán. Much fruit cultivation, mainly Chirimoya. Nice and light areas to roam in.

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