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La Herradura,  Cerro Gordo,  Marina del Este, Cotóbro, Taramay,  Velilla, Currumbico, El Castillo, San Sebastian

Ayuntamiento de Almuñécar
Plaza de la Constitucion 1
18690 Almuñécar (Granada)

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Tel: 958 83 86 00

Population of about 30,000 inhabitants, called Almuñequeros or Sexitanos (which is the old name of Almuñécar)

Almuñécar is a very old town with a long history. The old town is located between Rio Seco in the west and Rio Verde in the east. Cotobro is furthest west, Velilla furthest east and Torrecuevas furthest north.

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La Herradura

La Herradura has been named “horseshoe” in Spanish, because the bay has that shape. The beach is 2 km long and a swimming competition is held every year over the bay. Here are the best diving waters in Spain. Small quiet and nice town with market hall, fortress, old town, cultural center, hotel, bars and restaurants. There is also the opportunity to visit a fruit farm. It was here that half the Spanish armadan lost in 1562.

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Punta de la Mona

La Punta de la Mona is the cape that stands out in the sea between the cities, with a lighthouse visible from all directions. Here are many houses that have an outstanding view.

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Marina del Este

Marina del Este is the cape’s eastern marina. Here you will find fine restaurants and the opportunity to join a sailing trip out on the Mediterranean. The Playan attracts many divers as the waters around the cape are considered the best on the entire Spanish coast.

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Cerro Gordo

Cerro Gordo has an old guard tower where you can hike. Down at the water’s edge you can canoe into caves. Popular water to dive and snorkel in.

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Playa Cantarrijan

Playa Cantarrijan is located to the far west and is called Playa Nudista. Here you can swim naked if you want, if you do not prefer to sit at the lovely restaurant La Barraca. Good parking for hiking up the mountains in the National Park, where you can see mountain deer and at the same time get a great view away to Nerja.

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