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La Rábita, Los Castillas, El Pozuelo, El Castillo de Huarea, Haza Mora, La Ermita, Los Chaulines,  La Balsilla, El Cañuelo, Los Chilches, El Cortijo Bajo, Haza Llana, El Maurel, Los Morenos, Los Rivas,  El Saltadero, Los Pompolos

Ayuntamiento de Albuñol
Plaza del Ayuntamiento 1
18700 Albuñol (Granada)

Telephone: +34 958 82 60 60
Population of about 7,000 inhabitants, called Albuñolenses

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Albuñol is located about 8 km from the coast. At La Rabita, turn off from N-340, north on road A-345 and follow the dry riverbed Rambla de Albuñol, which you have on the left. At the first roundabout, it is best to turn right towards the center and take the first parking space to the right. Albuñol is located on the southern slope of the Sierra de la Contraviesa mountain range at an altitude of approximately 250 meters above sea level and is the largest city in this area.

There are remains from Roman times, but especially from Arab times with fine buildings and there is a famous cave called Los Murciélagos, the Bat Caves. Very nice hiking opportunities.

When the Moors finally expelled in the 16th century, the town became more Spanish, but they continued to grow their grapes and their local wine is very well known. Almond trees cover the mountain slopes and you get very beautiful views when the almond trees bloom. In all mountain areas you cook very good food.

The city is also one of the most important Neolithic sites in the whole of Spain, which is called the age when farming began. Agriculture is said to have existed for about 10,000 years.

There is a large parking lot on the right side when coming from the south, after the roundabout, up towards the center. Good restaurant with Menu del Dia, located above Polica Local, on C / Barranquillo 8

On November 1st, there is a livestock party with horses and mules, which you should try to experience and also a Feria del Vino and Tapas.

September 8 is the Fiesta de la Virgen del Mar.

San Patricio, Albuñol’s saint, is celebrated on March 17.


La Rabita has an old Nazarite castle that stands as a memorial from bygone times. The city is located by the sea and is a small tourist resort with a hotel, Las CONCHAS. If you come on the small local road you get a nice view of the whole village. There is no marina here so you can pull up the boats on land after every fishing trip. Long fine sandy beach. The road eastwards passes over the dry river channel, which may seem a little strange, but works fine when it is not raining.

“Fiestas Patronales” – Nuestra Señora del Mar, who is La Rabitas Saint, takes place September 6-8

La Rábita

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El Pozuelo

El Pozuelo is located just down the beach and has a long fine sandy beach. Most of this is focused on growing fruits and vegetables. A quiet place with a hotel Hotel BEATRIZ and a few bars. A thoroughfare with residential houses, but with a short and nice promenade.

El Castillo de Huarea

El Castillo de Huarea is a very small village located to the far east of the Costa Tropical, right on the sea with a view of all the greenhouses.

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Los Castillas

Other villages: La Ermita, Los Chaulines, La Balsilla, El Cañuelo, Los Chilches, El Cortijo Bajo,

Haza Llana, El Maurel, Los Morenos, Los Pompolos, Los Rivas, El Saltadero, all of which are very small.