Lentegí EN


Ayuntamiento de Lentegi
Paseo de Granada 16
18699 Lentegi (Granada)


Tel: +34 958 64 52 36
Population of about 350 inhabitants called Lentejireños

Lentegi (also spelled Lenteji) is located about 18 north of Almuñécar past Jete and Otivar, and is a quiet and nice little village. There are several opportunities to find hiking trails. Park by the church, which is built in Mudejar style and is from the 16th century. As in most other villages you have the local wine: Vino del Terreno, which can be served at the bar Cueva del Trabuco, right next to the church.

The saint is called La Virgen del Rosario and is celebrated December 25 – 27

See more:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv4ncaKFpng